Choose your own Vietnam Certified Tour guide With Real Local Cost:

Vietnam Tour Tailor Company does believe that every service deserves the ratings and prices rely on their reputation. We would like to be the First Vietnam tour company working with tour guides with the listings on our site within Vietnam.

In the world now, there are hundreds of Websites where you can choose the guide you go with your trip and even book their tours. Customers do not know – or sometimes have to accept – the Commission rate of 15 to 25% that is added up to the tour cost as the FEE for the guide’s tours listed in the site. This lead to the tour 2 times more expensive than it really is! These websites would do nothing except listing the guide up and get the commission on each tour the guide will be selling to customers.

To the extend of the tour quality, services arranged by the local guide will always be more expensive as they do not have a long term contract with the service providers as the limited volume and that would come to the final cost of the tour customers need to pay! The tour get created by a Tour Guide can sometimes miss the points or not very logical or copied else where and lack of flexibility and creativeness as they simply are not Professional Tour Organizers.

Moreover, these sites tend to collect the guides who are quite knowledgeable about Internet Marketing those know about their sites. They are normally not the Full time guide or less hired guides. With the website developers, from the Outsider’s look, they also do not understand the local Requirements to be a Good Local Tour Guide in each of the local area. Thus, You are facing a chance of getting an Unprofessional Guide who can ruin your trip or getting problems with local Tourism Authority when getting a Non-Certified or Non-licensed guide to work as your tour guide or if not, your guide will need to buy the Entrance tickets for him(her)self to go to each tourist point to avoid trouble. This will also add up to your tour total price.

VTT would like to present to international tourist a special way to visit Vietnam; choosing us will bring you benefits with:

1. We are the local expert who really understand our mother land! We will tailor the tour to your desire!

2. Our guides are the REAL guides who meet the local authorities requirements to do the job and will – of course – be among the best in the area.

3. Our tours are carefully organized with the knowledge of the Professional Tour Operator and the guides – as the local experts in each area! We always consider the local tour guide’s ideals the most important factor to extend the true local beauties of a destination to customers.

4. We prvide a NO COMMISSION business for our tour guide. It is always free for them to be in our site as long as they deserves and the Extra customer paid to get an excellent wanted guide is always transfered totally to the Guide. Working with us, the guide will earn a Career and get his(her) working trade mark that everybody can view. He(she) will always works to earn the best trade mark he can and this is the motivation for the tour to be sucessful.

5. Our tour prices are reasonable without commission fees. It is a Direct Deal to local!

You can view the guide profile, photos and ratings from previous clients. Listing for the guide is always free and you can know the guide performances with the monthly rank of the site on the area that the guide want to be listed. We use the guides as our Free Lancers so it is not a must for us to put someone you may not like to go with you as a pressure of a monthly paid. Customers can view the performance of the guide through the tour they have guided and see what tour category they are really good at. We would like to create a forum for tour guides and customers will be able to share their feeling about the trip they came with each other.

Our tour guide listed have to meet the Guide Requirements and their education must be at a certain level.
For customers, please donot consider it as a bother – when after using the VTT products- we will ask for your rating. Each of the review will be the important factor for us to know what is our guide performance and to serve you better in the future and for each guide to improve him(her)self daily!

Vietnam Tour Tailor has the rights and obligations to keep the Original review of customers no matter it is good or bad. The information Authentication will be our orientation!

It’s more affordable than you might think:

Our pricing is per-tour then devided to per-person personally. so if there are 3 or more in your group, you’ll probably pay less than if you took a big bus tour. As a Land Tour company in Vietnam, our Vietnam tour is simply one of the most competitive. We donot play with our trade mark by arranging the tour with the low quality and come up with hundreds of complaints everybody hates!

Every tour is private:

See as much as you can or slow things down to a saunter. With your private guide, your day is flexible as Your Guide will spend time only with you and the people you’re traveling with.

Benefit from a local’s knowledge:

As the host of each local area, Vietnam Tour Tailor free lancers are the persons who understand their locals the best. Let’s See the sights You want, try the food You crave, learn about what interests You the most with our Local Experts.

Questions? Talk to a REAL LOCAL person:

Our customer support team offers reliable, friendly service plus a 24 hour emergency hotline.

For Last Minute Deals, please kindly contact us through Hotline: +84.988.836.118.

No Hidden Fees:

We don’t attract customers with “lowest prices” and come up with some hidden fees everybody hates.


Simply click on our products and learn how quick your booking will go! We provide the immediate response and confirm to reservations requirement and payment will be lead to our payment system just right away! Please kindly Contact Us to see how simple the booking will go!


Paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to a travel agency you’ve never heard of before is surely a hard decision to make. We care each and every chance our valued clients offer us to build our brand and reputation. We won’t charge you a single penny until you are 100% sure your money is safe with us and request us to do so. Our free Online Payment method would bring the certain convinience to the customers!


It is your right when booking with us. Click HERE for more information

Have a great Vietnam Tour!

Vietnam Tour Tailor Team,

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